Japanese photographer dressed up a giant camera on Halloween

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The suit has all the functionality of the camera: it not only takes photos but also shows them on the screen.

Yohei Shimada in an SLR costume

Japanese photographer Yohei Shimada came to the procession in honor of Halloween, which is celebrated around the world on the night of November 1, in a SLR camera costume–it takes photos and shows the resulting pictures on the display. It is reported by PetaPixel.

To create a costume, Shimada used packing cardboard, a reflex camera, a remote descent, a laptop and insulating tape. In the lens of the layout of a mirror camera is installed, connected to the system unit of the laptop. The laptop itself had to be disassembled in order to install its display in the back of the suit: it served as a screen on which pictures are shown. A remote control is connected to the camera hidden in the case. In appearance, it seems that Shimada presses the button of a large camera, although in reality he remotely releases the shutter of the camera hidden inside. Then the computer displays the captured image on the screen–just like in a real camera.

As it turned out, the idea of ​​such a suit is not new. In 2011, photographer Tyler Card created a fully functioning Nikon the size of a man and described in detail the entire process of creating such a dress. Unlike the Shimada costume, Tyler’s costume was equipped with a working flash. The Japanese had to hold the usual flash in his hand.

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