The world’s shortest IQ test with only three questions

1 min


Find out how smart you are!

Passing an IQ test should not be like a scary marathon. And this test is not like that. You need to answer only three questions.

This test was developed by psychologist Shane Frederick in 2005. And only 17% of people can pass it successfully.

And here are the questions:

  • Bat and ball.

A bat and a ball together cost 1.10 dollars. A bat costs 1 dollar more than a ball. How much is the ball?

  • The problem machine for the manufacture of widgets.

If it takes 5 minutes to create five widgets for 5 cars, how long will it take 100 machines to create 100 widgets?

  • The size of the flower bed with a lily.

In the lake there is a bed of lilies. Every day a flower bed doubles in size. In 48 days the flowerbed will cover the whole lake. How long does it take for the flowerbed to cover half of the lake.

And here are the correct answers.

  1. The ball costs 5 cents. A ball worth 5 cents plus a bit worth $ 1.05 will cost you $ 1.10.
  2. To create 100 widgets you need 100 cars in 5 minutes, because one machine makes a widget in 5 minutes.
  3. Lilies cover half of the lake in 47 days, and not in 24. If the area of the lake covered with lilies doubles every day, it will take only one day to turn from half covered to fully covered.

And what answers did you get?

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