An American woman found in her wardrobe an unfamiliar man. He lived there for several days

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All this time, she thought a ghost appeared in the closet.

In the wardrobe of Maddie, a student from Greensboro, North Carolina, an unfamiliar man lived for several days. The girl noticed the disappearance of clothes, fingerprints in the bathroom and thought that there was a ghost in the wardrobe.

On Saturday, she heard a strange noise in the closet and asked who it was. “It’s me. My name is Drew,” an unfamiliar voice answered. Maddie opened the door and saw a man sitting on the floor, dressed in her things.

I heard a knock in the closet, it seemed that there was a raccoon. She asked who it was. Someone answered me: “It’s me. My name is Drew.” I opened the door and saw that he was wearing all my clothes, socks, shoes. He had a backpack full of my clothes.

The girl called her boyfriend, and while she waited for him, she spoke to a stranger. He tried on her hat and asked if he could hug her. According to the girl, he did not touch her. Without waiting for Maddie’s boyfriend, he left.

Arriving at the scene, the police detained a man at the nearest gas station. It turned out to be 30-year-old Andrew Swofford. He was sent to the district prison with the right to go on bail of 26 thousand dollars (1.7 million rubles). He received 14 criminal charges, including theft and identity theft.

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