The wedding photographer was called ‘abusive’ after the refusal of a free photo shoot, worth $5000, of an Instagram ‘influencer’

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Freebies for everyone!

Many brands prefer to work with popular bloggers to get advertised on their’s accounts. But not all do so. In Britain, there is a small brand Betrothed & Co, which is engaged in wedding photo-shooting. It was founded by Frankie Lowe and Laura Dunning.

The Instagrammer Melissa, or rather her PR person, turned to them with a ‘tempting’ offer. The letter said that Melissa is going to be married in 2021 and she would like to cooperate with Betrothed & Co: they will make her a photoset for free, and she will advertise their services with a promo code for a 25% discount among her 55,000 subscribers.

In addition, ‘influencer’ sent the same offer to another 4 brands and mentioned that the one who answers faster will receive the ‘profitable’ deal.

Lowe and Dunning were not impressed with this offer and shared a letter on their Facebook page.

“We don’t share client emails unless they look like this,” they said. “We are a really tiny business in a really competitive industry and emails like this really disregard how hard we work.”

Initially, they responded carefully, saying that they usually do not enter into such agreements.

In addition, 55,000 is not so many subscribers to make a free photo session. A discount for all others on the promo code of 25% will be completely at a loss to them.

“Finally, we really appreciate how valued as artists and professionals you have made us feel by informing us that you have only sent this exact same email to four other companies,” they said. “And that a fast response will secure us the wedding rather than any artistic considerations.”

To say that Melissa is angry is to say nothing. She replied to the company, calling them “unprofessional” and saying that the answer was “appalling.”

She also added a strange paragraph in which it was said that her fiancé’s mother had cancer, and it’s unfair to be so evil. She also threatened the company that she would tell everyone about them.

This threat had little impact on Lowe, who answered her nonetheless.

“a little once over might have been prudent given that you supposedly work in the communications industry.” He added that referring to people who will be on TV later this year was another way of saying “people who have never been on TV.”

What do you think, did the ‘influencer’ had the right to do that?

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