A couple from Vilnius after the ‘Chernobyl’ TV series turned own apartment into an ‘ode of Soviet life’ to rent it on Airbnb

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Their house is located in the center of the area where creators filmed the show. According to the owners, it ‘constantly appears on the screen’ in the HBO series.

A young couple from Vilnius offered the fans of the series ‘Chernobyl’ an unusual experience — to come to the area of the city where the show was filmed and settle in a ‘real Soviet’ apartment.

The house is not just located in the area where the shooting was going on — according to the owners, it constantly flashes in the frame, and they were even able to see their own balcony on the screen.

The accommodation belonged to the young man’s grandparents, and since they died, nothing has changed there.

Everything in this flat: the interior, cutlery, even the bedding are all exactly the same as shown in the TV series. It was so surreal to watch the show in this flat. The experience was so immersive, we felt like we traveled back in time.

the owners girlfriend

The young people replaced the modern refrigerator with an old Soviet one, after which they took some photos and placed them on Airbnb. They also published pictures of housing on social networks, where they were noticed by a national television journalist. He took a story about the apartment and its new owners, and after that they unexpectedly received as a gift many items of Soviet life: people gave books, furniture, dishes and other things that they no longer needed.

According to homeowners, their guests will be able to try out the life of a Soviet citizen, but ‘with Western comfort,’ because the bathroom was recently renovated, and the kitchen has modern appliances. At the same time, the refrigerator and washing machine in the apartment are authentic, Soviet times.

Day in the ‘Soviet apartment’ will cost €69.

Would you be interested to spend a day in there?

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