Valve will severely punish players who abuse voice chat in CS:GO

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If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and you are very annoyed by players who abuse voice chat in the game, then you can breathe out and relax — Valve found a solution what to do with such persons.

This applies to everyone who likes to include loud songs and various sounds during the game, use foul language, insult the enemy or their teammates, talk tirelessly, thus preventing them from listening to the steps and sounds of the game. If such players receive many complaints after the game, they will be warned first. If they continue to behave incorrectly, their voice chat will be disconnected. And the chat will be unavailable until the player earns enough experience to unlock it. At the same time, other players will be able to manually turn on chat muted for one match at any time.

For this system to be effective, players must remember to report those who behave badly in voice chat. Each warning will have its own level of significance: players spamming complaints will have little effect on possible punishment. This is to prevent abuse of the new system. All complaints will be anonymous, so you can tell your friends to be quiet, without telling them directly.

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