In the UK, gender stereotypes in advertising will be banned

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The advertisement will be prohibited to depict people who can not cope with the work because of their gender.

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned the use of plots in commercials where a woman cannot park a car or a man refuses to do housework. It is reported by The Guardian. New rules will come into force in June 2019.

British companies will no longer be able to create commercials that depict men and women engaged in gender stereotypical activities. In Britain, fear that it contributes to unfair pay and psychological harm. The rules also prohibit advertising, which promises that the transformation of the body guarantees success in a romantic relationship. In addition, attention will be paid to the sexualization of girls in commercials.

“Changing ad regulation isn’t going to end gender inequality but we know advertising can reinforce harmful gender stereotypes, which can limit people’s choices or potential in life,” explained committee member Ella Smillie, who developed the new standards.

Smillie believes that there is nothing wrong with depicting gender stereotypical work, for example, cleaning. But if an advertisement shows that a woman alone is cleaning up the house, and the man is resting at that moment, then this is a problem. The committee stressed that advertising with attractive, successful or healthy people, such as perfume advertising, would not be prohibited if it does not reinforce harmful stereotypes.

In the summer of 2017, Audi released an ad for its used car store in China, where it compared the heroine to a video with a car. In a half-minute advertisement, a wedding ceremony is shown, which is suddenly interrupted by the groom’s mother: she examines the bride, and then approves her son’s choice and leaves, finally evaluating the girl’s chest. “An important decision must be thought out,” the video says.

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