Twitter announced the testing of an analog of “Stories” in Brazil

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The service remained one of the last major social networks in which there were no “stories”.

Twitter began testing Fleets in Brazil, a proprietary analogue of “stories” that allows you to publish content for a limited time. Users can upload photos, videos or text that will disappear in a day. This is stated in the Brazilian blog post on Twitter.

As the company noted, many users felt insecure in existing formats, so the service added Fleets. Unlike regular posts, you won’t be able to retweet, like or comment on them.

The first users told us that due to Fleets disappearing, they are more willing to share ordinary daily thoughts. We hope that people who usually don’t feel comfortable using tweets use Fleets to share what they have in mind.

from Twitter’s blog

After testing begins, users in Brazil will see an interface similar to the “stories” on Instagram — the round profile avatars of the profiles published by Fleets. The publishing process is different from the usual in other social networks: Fleets are more text-oriented.

At the same time, the new format supports gifs, videos, and audio recordings. Users will be able to publish videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, and large companies — up to 10 minutes. In addition, unlike other social networks, several Fleets from one person will be displayed in a vertical ribbon, and not in a horizontal one.

Twitter has become one of the last major social networks to approach the format. The first “stories” began to be used on Snapchat, and then Instagram and Facebook adopted them. In 2016, its analog was launched on the Russian social network — VKontakte.

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