The cat walked 20km to find its owners, but they decided to put him down

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The fact that animals are much better than people has been said more than once. The story of the cat Toby from North Carolina, USA once again confirms this. The hosts twice betrayed him, because of which Toby almost lost his life.

Fortunately, the world is not without good people and a cute ginger cat now has a new home and a man who loves him.

The owners of the red cat Toby, moving to a new house, did not specifically bring a pet with them, wanting to get rid of him. But the animal after a few days found them, breaking 20 kilometers. People did not appreciate the animal’s deed, but took him to a shelter and asked him to be euthanized.

In the shelter, the owners of Toby said that he himself had once come to them and began to live with other cats, of whom there were several in the family. But the animal that grew up on the street did not get along too well with pets and constantly offended them. This is precisely the reason why the cat was left at the move.

Shelter workers refused to kill the faithful animal and transferred it to another shelter. There, Toby began to look for new owners and soon there were people who wanted to take him home. In April 2019, the cat was taken from the shelter and now he is finally surrounded by care and attention.

The new owner of Toby, Lynn, does not undertake to condemn the previous owners. She is glad that they had enough humanity to leave not insist on euthanasia, but to give the animal a chance and left him in the shelter. Lynn claims that her new redhead friend is incredibly friendly and loves her very much. He quickly got used to the new house and there are no complaints about him.

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