This restaurant installed bars at the entrance, but this is not a defense, but a cunning way of providing discounts

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It is very rare when a catering place can boast such concern for the health of customers, like a snack bar in the city of Jinan in the east of China.

Its owner, Zhao Lang, was inspired by the calls for a healthy lifestyle that he saw on the Internet and decided to conduct his own campaign that advertises the right food and at the same time attracts customers to his institution. And to remind you that you need to monitor your diet, at the entrance to your restaurant he installed a grating with a different distance between the bars.

Zhao Lang’s place offers free drinks and food to those who can squeeze into the 15-centimeter pass

Zhao Lang restaurant

A person who can fit through these metal bars receives free beer and dishes for himself and those who came with him. According to Zhao, every day at least one client can squeeze into the institution through a 15-centimeter pass. And most often lucky girls turn out to be.

The next level of complexity is 18 centimeters, and the customer who manages to squeeze receives 5 varieties of beer

Zhao Lang restaurantAfter the installation of the grate, only 20 people were able to get inside through this passage.

For overcoming 25 centimeters obstacle the visitor is rewarded one free beer

Zhao Lang restaurant

The 30-centimeter pass does not give the client any discounts

Zhao Lang restaurant

There is a sign with the following inscription hangs above it: “You have an average figure, you do not need to ask for more.”

Well, the last pair of bars with the maximum distance between them generally makes visitors thinkZhao Lang restaurant

The signature to it says: “Are you sure that you should drink beer?”. Such an anti-obesity campaign attracts crowds of customers to Zhao’s institution who are trying to prove that they are in a good shape. Well, we hope that such a radical approach will guide some of the visitors on the right path.


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