Tesla introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup. It looks very futuristic.

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Musk tried to show the impact resistance of car windows, but they crashed after throwing a steel ball at them.

Elon Musk at the Tesla presentation introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup truck with a futuristic design. The ‘younger’ version of the car will cost $39900.

Musk said the pickup can withstand a nine-millimeter bullet — the door uses the same alloy as SpaceX rockets. To test its durability, the head of Tesla asked design manager Franz von Holzhausen to hit the door several times with a sledgehammer. The presentation also showed how Cybertruck defeated the Ford F150 in a tug of war and the Porsche 911 in the race.

Holzhausen then tested impact-resistant glass by throwing a metal ball into it. When both windows of the pickup truck crashed after the throws, Musk responded: “We will fix this in the factory.” He noted that the ball did not hit the salon, but flew off to the side.

Cybertruck presented in three versions: with one, two and three electric motors. The ‘eldest’ is able to accelerate to 96.6 kilometers per hour in 2.9 seconds and can travel on a single charge up to 805 kilometers. Batteries allow a pickup truck to drive 650, 777 or 1295 kilometers on a single charge.

Photo Tesla

The carrying capacity of the Cybertrack is about 1.5 tons; it can tow a trailer weighing up to 6.4 tons. The car body consists of durable steel and acts as a frame. The loading platform is less than two meters long, but a Tesla ATV could fit in there.

Tesla Quadbike / Photo @CarsonFrost13

The pickup also received an autopilot, adaptive air suspension, four-wheel drive, and car parking. The cheapest model will cost $39990, a model with a 300-mile course — $ 49,990, and the older equipped with a power reserve of 804 kilometers will start at $69990.

Photo Tesla

Musk said that the pickup uses electricity, and this will reduce the cost of operation from an average of $780 per month to $570 per month. Production of pickups will begin at the end of 2021, the start date of sales is still unknown.

Photo Engadget

Musk tweeted back in 2012 that “Would love to make a Tesla supertruck.” In 2013, he said that the company really plans to create it. Five years later, in 2018, the head of Tesla announced that the car will receive a futuristic cyberpunk design in the spirit of “Blade Runner”.

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