The Swedish family has turned its home into a huge greenhouse, where not only tomatoes will envy their lives

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Marie Granmar, Charles Sacilotto, and their son have been living in a greenhouse since 2015. But besides cucumbers and tomatoes with them in this greenhouse is located and their entire home. This type of design of your own home has already been implemented more than once in Sweden and Germany, and using the example of the family of Marie and Charles, we will tell you what advantages lie on the other side of 4 mm glass.

And no, it’s not hot there, as in a steam room, and not stuffy — fresh air and constant good mood of its inhabitants reign in this house.

The Swedish family — Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto and their son live in a house that lives in the greenhouse itself.

After buying the house, the couple decided to surround it with a huge glass greenhouse. The construction of tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm cost Marie and Charles about 10 thousand euros.

What are the advantages of living in such conditions?

1. Savings on heating services and warm year-round

In Stockholm, the winter lasts about 9 months (there are only 12 of them!), So everyone wants to get an extra warm time, but only our heroes manage to do it. For example, at the end of January it may be -2C ° on the street, and in the greenhouse it will be +20!

According to Marie, the average family in Stockholm turns on the heating somewhere in mid-September and does not turn it off until mid-May or so.

Greenhouse also reduces the number of months required for home heating from 9 to 6 months and, accordingly, reduces the amount of electricity consumed for all kinds of heaters and so on. Any extra warmth that a family needs is provided by the sun and firewood.

In the future, Marie and Charles plan to install a system of solar energy.

2. Ability to grow fruits and vegetables that do not grow in Sweden

The greenhouse, which the couple surrounded the house, exceeds its size, therefore there is still room for the garden, where, due to attractive conditions for any vegetation, it is possible to grow something that will not stand the harsh climate of Stockholm, for example, figs, grapes and various herbs. And also cherry and apples. How can you not take advantage of this?

In addition to the exotic, they naturally grow cucumbers with tomatoes and other simple foods, using waste as fertilizer.

3. Fresh air all year round.

During the warmest periods of summer, the glass roof of the greenhouse automatically opens, so that it doesn’t feel too hot and stuffy inside.

In summer, the heat can stand for several days in a row, but this is not a problem, because we open the windows and enjoy the heat. We like the sun!

The pair also installed a rainwater harvesting system so as not to buy it. In addition, plants that thrive in their home purify the air and provide more oxygen.

4. Features of the design that create a special comfort.

Favorite family home — rooftop terrace. Because of the glass ceiling, they didn’t need a roof, so they removed it to create a large space for sunbathing, reading, gardening, playing with their son on a swing, and even riding bicycles.

Marie says she is almost immune to the winter longing that many of her friends experience in cold weather. Whether it is raining, snowing, and she can sit on her balcony or on the roof terrace and look at the stars or glimpses of sunlight.

This is the philosophy of life — to use nature, the sun and water to live in another world.

Video about family life in a “bubble” with a full home inspection

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