The creator of the ‘Storm Area 51’ meme announced the Alien Stock festival

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The small town of Rachel near the military base has already become a popular tourist attraction.

And in September, perhaps thousands of visitors will flood it.

Frederic J. Brown / AFP

Student Matty Roberts, one of the administrators of the Facebook page ‘Storm Area 51 — They Can’t Stop All of Us’, announced plans to host the Alien Stock festival next to a military base in Nevada. His program will include performances by musicians, art installations and a desert party. It is reported by The Washington Post.

A comic announcement of the storm of the Zone 51 base appeared in the Facebook community Shitposting cuz im in shambles in June. Its creators called on people to break into the US Air Force base to find the aliens allegedly held there by the military. The alleged assault was scheduled for September 20. More than two million users put the mark ‘Going’ under the event, another 1.5 million indicated that they are interested in it. In August, Facebook moderators deleted the page, but then restored it.

The Alien Stock festival is expected to begin on September 20 — the date of the proposed storm — and will last three days. It will be held in the small town of Rachel, which is closest to Area 51. The publication notes that the few residents of Rachel are skeptical about the idea of ​​the festival. In addition, the city has no Internet and the ability to pay by credit card. “Sure, it’s scary, but I’m thrilled anyway,” Connie West told The Washington Post. She keeps a hotel near Las Vegas, the site of which says that only aliens can book rooms.

Roberts strongly denied comparisons to the failed Fyre music festival. According to the student, the organizers of Alien Stock do not count on making a profit. Although participants will have to rent a parking space or campsite for $60-140, they will not charge an additional admission fee.

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