A store in Canada happened to be open and worked without staff. How much do you think have been stolen?

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An amazing story happened in Canada on Family Day. Family Day is an official holiday, which is celebrated in some parts of the country on the third Monday of February. As a rule, on this day, many stores are closed and do not work. This year, the celebration took place on February 18, and suddenly, to the delight of shoppers, the doors of the Food Basics grocery store on Barrak Street in Kingston were open. But the fact of the matter is that only the doors, neither the personnel nor the security happened to be on the spot!

foodbasics store story

Indeed, the store was open by accident. Someone from the staff simply forgot to lock the doors. The buyers were at a loss: an empty store, the products are lying, but they cannot be bought. Then you might have thought that everything was stolen, but no! Someone in the confusion walked around the store, someone stood near, trying to understand what was happening.

A witness told the Kingstonist publication a curious story:

“I was standing there trying to decide what to do, and a guy comes out of the store with two packages of cherry tomatoes,” said one eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous.

“So I asked ‘Hey, buddy! You just take some tomatoes?’ He said ‘I left $5 on the counter.’”

In the end, еру witness contacted the police. Just in case. And the police visited the supermarket at 16.25 and called the store manager. The employee reported that nothing was damaged and stolen. The company said it will examine the camera recordings and will contact the police if they find serious losses.


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