Norwegian island wants to give up time and become the world’s first ‘time-free zone’

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Sommarøy Island residents do not need time zones.

Those who live in Northern Norway do not have to talk about the rational use of the light part of the day, about going to bed or about any other time at all. In summer, the sun shines here around the clock for 69 days, and no one even looks at the clock. The midnight sun minimizes the significance of the time testimony, and therefore the inhabitants of Sommarøy are striving to give the island the status of a “time-free zone”.

The initiator of this unusual idea is a local resident named Kjell Ove Hveding. A few weeks ago, at the next city meeting, activists signed a petition about the desire to give the island such an unusual status. On June 13, Kjell Ove handed the petition to the representative of the Norwegian Parliament and discussed practical and legal issues related to the possible acquisition of the status of the world’s first zone without time.

The inhabitants of the island are very inspired by the idea — the video in its support gained a large number of views:

The first ever Time-Free Zone is in Northern Norway

Tah-dah! Vi har laga en film som førrklare verden der ute ka vi egentlig driv med:). Ka dåkker syns?

Gepostet von Time-Free Zone am Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2019

Summer island out of time

If the country’s government approves the petition of the islanders, they are expected to change: official hours of work will not be, like, in fact, deadlines and other formalities determined by the exact point in time. Of course, this concerns only the summer period.

“For many of us, the signing of this document will mean formal recognition of our way of life for many generations, a life outside of time. It is light day and night, and this determines our actions. Our children in the middle of the night can drive a ball, someone paints a house or mows a lawn, young people go to the beach,” says Kjell Ove Hveding. He believes that the opportunity to forget about time for tourists will also be an excellent means against stress.

The traditional fishing of the islanders — sea fishing — perfectly fits into life without time. Local fishermen spend on the open sea almost around the clock, completely oblivious to the hands of the clock, so the household never knows when to wait for them home.

The unusualness of the island is striking to everyone who comes here on the bridge connecting it to the mainland. Instead of locks that lovers hang, there are wrist watches on the railing — men’s and women’s, fashionable and not so much.

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