Sharon Stone was blocked in a dating app, where the girls write first. Users do not believe that the profile was real

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Imagine the situation: the star of the “Basic Instinct” writes to you, and you complain about her profile, considering it fake.

Sharon Stone

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone said that her account was blocked in the Bumble app — a dating service, the concept of which is that the girls initiate communication first.

According to the actress, she was banned after several complaints about a fake profile — users did not believe that she was real. But Stone did use Bumble, which she reported to the service through her social networks.

Representatives of Bumble apologized to the 61-year-old actress and unblocked her profile, promising that this would not happen again. The blocking was probably due to the fact that celebrities are rarely seen in “common” dating services — there are several special applications for famous people. “When I signed up for Tinder, then no one matched me at all. They thought I was fake,” said actor Zac Efron.

Social network users did not miss the opportunity to flirt with Sharon Stone, since she was temporarily left without an application for finding a couple.

Bumble differs from other applications in that the first step in it is from a girl. In the case of a “match”, guys cannot write a message — the girl must initiate communication within 24 hours. Founder of the app, Whitney Heard, explained that she wanted to “empower” women in dating, giving them the initiative.

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