Scientists have found a live shark, which is more than 500 years old

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She is older than Shakespeare!

In Greenland, scientists have discovered a shark, which is about 500 years old. It is reported by The Sun.

Presumably, this Greenland polar shark was born in 1505, when Henry VIII ruled in Britain. Scientists have determined its age by size — Greenland sharks grow only a centimeter per year and live hundreds of years.

The length of this individual was 5.4 meters.

“This is the oldest living vertebrate species on the planet that has formed several populations in the Atlantic Ocean,” said Professor Kim Prebel.

Sharks are life-time capsules that can help shed light on human exposure to the oceans.

Scientists study the DNA of an individual in the hope of finding out which genes are responsible for such a long lifespan in this species.

The basis of the diet of the Greenland polar shark is fish, but scientists have never seen how it hunts. In the stomachs of individuals of this species were found pieces of deer and even horses.

The average life expectancy of the Greenland polar shark is 272 years. These are the most northern and most cold-loving of all sharks. The largest individuals can reach 7.3 meters and weigh up to one and a half tons.

However, on average, the length of these animals ranges from 2.44-4.8 meters, and the weight does not exceed 400 kilograms. The meat of the Greenland polar shark is considered the national dish of Iceland.

Surely, 500 years is not the limit!

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