Samsung posted a video about new Galaxy Note 9 a week before the presentation

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Recently, the company suffered a leak of the appearance of the device.

Samsung has published the official promo video of the new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone ahead of time—6 days before the presentation. The video was quickly removed from the YouTube channel, but users had time to download it.

The video shows Galaxy Note 9 and a yellow stylus. To it was devoted a separate part of the video: apparently, the accessory will receive a serious update.

The battery of the new Galaxy Note 9 will last for “the whole day” of work, and the fingerprint sensor is now located under the cameras, and not on the side. In addition, the promo clip reports on the possibility to expand the memory of the smartphone to 1 terabyte by installing a 512Gb memory card.

However, as noted by the publication The Verge, the company could not reveal the main innovations: it is possible that the smartphone has built-in AI or users are waiting for serious improvements in the camera.

It is not known whether the company accidentally posted promotional materials, or arranged a deliberate “leak”: with Samsung, this happens too often, so that it could be attributed to a mistake.

On August 2 on the official site of Samsung appeared promo-page Galaxy Note 9 with the non-working button of pre-order. Thanks to it, several rumors and leaks about the appearance of the device were confirmed at once. At the end of July, the Samsung website showed information about new smart watches in the Galaxy Watch line, and in February the company published a promo video of Galaxy S9 flagship with all the functions the day before the release.

A similar case was with Apple during the release of the iPhone 7. Then the company announced a smartphone on Twitter a few minutes before being told about it at the presentation.

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