Richard Gere turns 70 years old. Here are his 10 best films

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What a talented actor!

I can’t believe it, but on August 31, 2019, Richard Gere turns 70 years old. On his account — dozens of magnificent roles and the Golden Globe Award.

Richard did not receive an Oscar, although he was nominated. However, for millions of people around the world, he is an idol.

Here are some interesting facts about the actor that you might not know:

  • Richard showed great promise in sports. He did gymnastics and received a scholarship for this at school.
  • But Richard wanted to become a professional trumpeter. Because of this, he even dropped out of university.
  • He also tied up with music when he realized that musicians were more capricious than actors.
  • Gere first played in the theater: in London, and then on Broadway.
  • Gere’s film debut took place in 1977: he got a small role in the movie “Looking for Mr. Goodbar.”
  • Richard was married three times. His first wife was supermodel Cindy Crawford.
  • The actor has two sons. Homer was born in a second marriage, and Alexander from his current wife, journalist Alejandra Silva. By the way, the youngest son was born in February 2019.
  • Richard professes Buddhism.
  • He continues to act in films and is also involved in charity work.
  • One of Richard’s hobbies is photography. In 2004, he opened the exhibition of his photographs “Pilgrim”. It took place in Moscow as part of the Tibet: Traditions. Art. Philosophy”.

Let’s remember the films with the actor. According to the IMDb rating, these Richard films are the best:

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

The film is based on real events. A college professor picks up a lost puppy and takes him to his home. They quickly become friends. A devoted dog every day escorts the owner to the train and meets him from work. He does this until the very end …

2. Days of Heaven (1978)

The man convinces the woman he loves to marry the owner of the farm for which they work. They hope that he will die soon, and they will be able to get his inheritance. But their plans were not destined to come true. After all, the main character suddenly has feelings for her husband …

3. Primal Fear (1996)

A teenager is charged with the murder of an archbishop. He faces the death penalty, but the lawyer, played by Richard Gere, intends to protect the young man and restore justice. But this case is much more complicated than it seems, and the accused is not so simple.

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