Atomic icebreaker gave a lift to travelers to the nearest port. Now they can say with confidence that they traveled by ice

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The participants of the expedition “RGO Expo” planned to set a world record — by off-road to get from Norilsk to the northernmost continental settlement in the world — Dixon.

Having arrived in Norilsk, having carried out comprehensive training and determined to win, the team set off. But it was not the case with off-road vehicles alone. Bogdan Bulychev told about his adventures.

Expedition at the beginning of their journey

For a week and a half, the travelers visited several localities, overcame various difficulties (frost below -50, snowdrifts, danger of meeting the polar bear), but did not lose their fighting spirit and attitude until they arrived in Dixon.

“In 10 days we drove more than 1000 km, it was a real winter, hummocks and off-road! We have no less difficult way ahead on the ice of the Kara Sea and the Yenisei to Dudinka and further, through the Vankorovsky winter road to Moscow!” shared Bogdan Bulychev, a member of the expedition.

Brave team of travelers

When the team of record holders set off on their way back, the weather in the region changed dramatically: a thaw came, precipitation and squally wind. The travelers reached the Sopkarga meteorological station, where they decided to wait out the storm. But during this time snow piled so much that the road had to be literally dug up, moving at a speed of 2 km/h.

Fighting the weather

Fortunately, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Taimyr, who agreed to help out the crew, was passing nearby.

Happy rescue

“I want to express my gratitude to the leadership of Atomflot and personally to the captain of the atomic icebreaker Taimyr Volkov, Pavel Alexandrovich.” — said Bogdan Bulychev, a member of the expedition.

Greetings from the Arctic

And a day later, the expedition members were on board the nuclear giant.

Warm atmosphere of the cruiser

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