In this restaurant of French cuisine, very low prices. But there are some rules you will have to follow

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Everyone would like to find a restaurant with nice prices and delicious food. In the US there is such a place, but it is not so simple. The restaurant of the French cuisine called “The Grouchy Chef” is famous for its inexpensive refined menu and pleasant atmosphere.

But guests must follow the rules set by the chef, otherwise, they will be asked to leave the restaurant. Customers are not asked to do anything out of the ordinary, just have to dress and behave properly. In this way, chef provides a pleasant atmosphere to himself and all visitors.

The Grouchy Chef” is a restaurant of exquisite French cuisine that offers high-class dishes for a very pleasant price

grouchy chef french restaurant

A good dinner here is several times cheaper than in other similar restaurants

grouchy chef french restaurant

But guests must follow the rules set by the chef

grouchy chef french restaurant

For violations  of these rules, you will be asked to leave the restaurant and forget about an inexpensive chic dinner

grouchy chef french restaurant

The rules do not contain anything out of the ordinary

  • In the restaurant, it is allowed to take pictures only of food and nothing else
  • You should be decently dressed (no sports outfits, jeans, slippers and dirty shoes)
  • No elbows on the table and hands on the back of the chair
  • You can not blow your nose and fix your makeup in the dining room
  • Ladies, try to use your perfume sparingly and discard bright lipstick to avoid leaving traces on dishes and napkins
  • Please do not ring crystal glasses
  • Do not eat fast, this you can do at any diner

So the chef creates a pleasant atmosphere for himself and his customers

grouchy chef french restaurant

For compliance with these rules, he is happy to feed you delicious food

grouchy chef french restaurant

He does not even require a tip or rather forbids to leave them. Instead, he offers to buy a T-shirt with the logo of his restaurant

grouchy chef french restaurant

Money earned from the sale of T-shirts go to cancer research.

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