How much iPhone 11 actually costs: parsing for components

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The price of the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max range from $699 to $1499 and is purchased as an expensive gadget more often on credit and with insurance — like a real car. How much does each Apple iPhone cost? Knowing what components the gadget consists of, and finding prices for these parts and components, it is not difficult to calculate it.

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Annually, sites like iFixit and TechInsights publish the results of “parsing” the latest smartphones. Technologists find out what parts and components they consist of, what solutions are used and how much it all costs individually. This approach does not give an exact answer to the question, what is the cost of this or that gadget, but the figure turns out to be very plausible.

According to a recent analysis by TechInsights and NBC News, the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs Apple about $66.5. As a battery, a Samsung battery is used, which costs about $10.5. As for the video camera with three lenses, which allows you to take such great pictures, it costs the company $73.5.

The remaining components of the phone are the processor, modem and memory, as well as printed circuit boards, which together are estimated at approximately $159, and many sensors, wires, as well as the housing, which together costs another $181.

Total, according to TechInsights, the cost of the gadget is approximately $490.5. This is much less than the retail price of a smartphone. But this is only a commodity price without taking into account the cost of assembly, delivery, customs duties, software, marketing, as well as the costs of research and development. It is much more difficult to evaluate such expenses — the larger the circulation of the product, the lower the percentage they make up in the cost of each copy. But is all this worth the final price? It is up to buyers to decide.

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