The process of creating the ‘Joker’ movie

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A 22-minute video has been released on the YouTube channel Flashback FilmMaking, which reveals some details of the creation of the ‘Joker’ movie released in October last year.

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For those who do not want to watch, below is a retelling some of the main questions of the movie:

The theme of the film

I love the bad guys. It is interesting to think: “Why is he like that? What made him so? ”This is the true purpose of the film. But it’s not at all a grandiose statement about today’s world, which is thematically present in it. But the real question is why did this person become what he become?

Todd Phillips

How did you get the idea of the film

I never really thought about staging a comic book movie. For me, it was interesting, first of all, to study the character, but one that no one knows about who he is, what he is, where he came from, etc. This is what the idea came from, and not so: “I want to make a Joker movie”. The idea is to explore the development of the hero and that people want to see it.

Todd Phillips

Who is Arthur Fleck

We have largely moved away from the comic book character. We came up with a new hero. We gave him that name, taking it from nowhere. And maybe, to the chagrin of the comic book fans, we did not throw Arthur Fleck into a tub of acid to make him white. <…>

We talked a lot about who he might be and why he is so, what is wrong with him, where did this laugh come from and why does he wear this mask or not … And we began to read a lot about narcissism and the ego, and about all the things that make up our version of the Joker.

The Joker is a narcissist, but with a small ego, according to our version. His ego is Arthur. It is trying to control the wild identification, which is the Joker. But the Joker is a manifestation of his subconscious. So we thought: “What if someone lived all his life wearing a mask?” And many people do live like that: they wear masks and pretend to be someone. <…>

The idea is what will happen if you stop living like this and live like a shadow?

Todd Phillips

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