Princess of Saudi Arabia starred for Vogue behind the wheel: the country will soon cancel the ban on driving for women

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The new edition didn’t appeal to everyone: human rights activists criticized the publication for completely ignoring the arrests of activists.

Princess of Saudi Arabia Hayfa bint Abdullah Al Saud starred for the new issue of Vogue Arabia magazine at the wheel of a car — a photo shoot timed to the upcoming cancellation of the ban on driving for women, writes The Guardian. The publication of the magazine, among other things, is devoted to the latest changes in Saudi Arabia and the reforms that local authorities are trying to carry out.

“We have a lot of conservatives in the country who are afraid of change. For them, existing rules are what they are used to, everything they know,” says the princess. “Personally, I support the latest changes with great enthusiasm.”

As The Guardian notes, despite the fact that many users liked the photo session of Vogue Arabia, there were many critics. Among those who reacted negatively to the publication of the publication are human rights activists who did not appreciate the eulogy to the leadership of Saudi Arabia. They noted that the magazine doesn’t say anything about the arrested political activists who spoke out against the ban on driving for women — even though some of them are released, the fate of others is still unknown.

The decree that permits to obtain a driver’s license, the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud signed in September last year. The new rules should enter into force in July.

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