The pet store announced that it would put any animal inside on a leash. The man did not lose his head and came with a bull

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If the pet shop claims that you can go there with any animals, if they are on a leash, then the holy duty of a person is to find out if this is the case. Vincent Browning, a resident of Texas, USA, decided to check the slogan of the local pet shop Petco, which reads “All leashed pets are welcome.”

To do this, Vincent brought with him his pet — a huge Ankole-Watusi bull Oliver, who barely got into the door of the store. Despite the frightening appearance of Oliver, the store workers let the giant inside and gave him much attention.

Vincent Browning found out that all the animals on the leash were allowed to Petco’s pet store and decided to check it out.

We decided to take a chance and call Petco ‘s bluff on the ‘ALL LEASHED PETS ARE WELCOME’ policy.

To test, Vincent brought Oliver, his hefty Watusi bull, to the store.

Watusi is a breed of cow from Africa. These guys are one of the owners of the biggest horns among cattle.

It seemed that Oliver had no chance of even squeezing into the doors of the store, but he showed wonders of agility

Gepostet von Vincent Browning am Montag, 18. März 2019

When Oliver did get inside the store, the workers proved that their slogan is true

The big fellow watusi here was met with open arms and how should be

On Facebook, Vincent shared his joy of shopping and praised the staff for their courtesy and friendliness.

Perhaps such a warm welcome is really caused by the store’s policy and Oliver’s upbringing.

Or maybe workers are just used to unusual animals that continually look into the store

In the comments to the post about Oliver, employees and customers told what other animals were seen in the store

Some were allowed there even without a leash!

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