In the UK was called ‘pagan’ police to investigate the occult animal killings

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Unknown killed the sheep and placed pentagrams and inverted crosses on them.

Pagan and former policeman Simon Wood with his clan / Photo by The Sunday Times

In the British New Forest Park, dead sheep were found, killed with a knife in the heart and decorated with pentagrams. To help ordinary police officers, pagan police were involved in the investigation. This was reported by The Mirror and The Sunday Times.

As noted in publications, in recent weeks, dead sheep and a cow with pentagrams have been regularly found in New Forest. And recently, attackers painted 666 graffiti on a local church.

Photo Solent News

Police almost immediately launched an investigation, but did not achieve much success. Therefore, experts from the Police Pagan Association were brought to work and were allowed to work independently.

According to Sergeant Andy Party, who has been leading the organization for 10 years, pentagrams always create a furor, but this does not necessarily mean that the case is connected with the pagans. The policeman believes that the real culprits may be children or someone with mental problems.

The former member of the association Simon Wood, a member of the Pagans of Ytene community, said he was concerned about discrimination against pagans by the locals. According to him, the community is just as shocked by what is happening.

Sergeant Andy Williams of the Hampshire Police said the incident was unusual for New Forest. Although the park has historical associations with witches, occult crimes have not been observed there before.

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