The network got terabytes of OnlyFans data — a site where pornstars and models post paid erotic photos and videos

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Usually, users could access such content for a paid subscription, but now a huge database has been made publicly available.

Kaylen Ward, one of the most popular models on OnlyFans

More than 1.5 terabytes (for others this is up to 4 terabytes) of private photos and videos leaked to the network from OnlyFans service. According to The Verge, the merged archive mainly consists of erotic content from closed female profiles — access to it could be obtained only for a paid subscription.

In social networks, they distributed links to sites and archives where you can see merged data, notes Motherboard. One of the links that the journalists found contained over 300 GB of content sorted by 120 female models. Buzzfeed News also examined one of the archives — it revealed private photos and videos of pornstars, Instagram models and TikTok stars that used OnlyFans to earn money.

What is OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a UK service that allows bloggers to publish content that is only available to paying users. But, unlike the same Patreon, it is primarily aimed at sex workers and people who are ready to publish explicit content.

The system’s working system is simple: there is a list of bloggers, and to access their content you need to get a paid subscription. Most often, these are photos and videos of erotic content. Among the authors are both pornstars and ordinary guys and girls who decided to make money this way.

The New York Times said that popular authors earn on OnlyFans from 10 thousand dollars a month. The main stars — from 100 thousand dollars only by subscription.

OnlyFans representatives confirmed the leak, but emphasized that “they found no evidence of an invasion to their systems.” According to the administration of the service, the archive could be collected “from several sources, including social networks” — on Twitter and Telegram periodically upload private photos and videos from individual authors of OnlyFans on public access. This is usually not a hack: users buy access to content and then distribute it for free.

BBC journalist Vonny LeClerc, the first to report the leak, noted that many of the content authors on OnlyFans with whom he spoke were concerned about what had happened. “This is paid content that we produce and own. This is illegal and violates our rights,” said porn actress Jewels Jade.

It’s very painful to see how the content that we worked on just falls into the hands of the wrong people for whom it was intended. As far as I saw, everyone who has an account on OnlyFans is subject to leakage. But the archive is so huge that they are unlikely to find everyone.

one of OnlyFans users

OnlyFans data leak has become one of the main topics for discussion on Twitter — many sex workers are located there because it is one of the few social networks where erotic content can be published.

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