A simple builder and a funny dad from Texas parodied typical photos from Instagram and became a star

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The builder, the father and the husband, the coffee admirer and the newly-made influencer from the city of Austin, Texas, named Omar is ready to fall in love with you on his Instagram profile! Having learned with the help of his daughter about the existence of influencers (people who use social networks to benefit from this, promoting brands, organizations and telling subscribers about what they understand), the vigorous father of the family decided that he would be as good as even though he is a simple builder.

So what? A month has passed, and he already has over 520 thousand followers, and, seeing the photo, it is easy to understand why this happened.

Omar — Texan, builder, father, husband, and just a funny guy who decided to become an Instagram celebrity

Or rather, the influencer. Influencers use social networks for the sake of their own benefits, including by promoting various brands and organizations in their accounts.

Well, and more precisely — Omar parodies influenza in his profile under the nickname justaconstructionguy, but, as you will see, he does everything better and heartier than most of the representatives of this craft.

And the fact that he works as a builder is only a plus.

Hi, I’m Omar. This is my office. 👷🏼‍♂️👍

The photos from his account is a parody of typical Instagram shots

This man’s sense of humor does not hold

Am I doing this right? 🤝

And he can not imagine life without coffee!

The drink often appears in his publications.

My daughter told me this splash photo is a “thing.” It’s a waste of coffee in my opinion, but oh well. 🤷‍♂️

Probably the life of a simple builder has never been shown from this side.

Omar perfectly fit into this industry and for the month gained over 520 thousand subscribers

Another day, another dollar. 🛠💵

Maybe you want to be one of them?

After all, this cheerful dad is only gaining momentum!

UPD: As it turned out, the story of Omar — is fake. His profile is led by an advertising company promoting, you will not be surprised, a coffee shop.

Therefore, it is always worth remembering — they like to lie on the Internet. Hopefully, Omar did not have time to become your idol. If you did, do not take this too close to your heart.

And good mood to you!

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