Mexican photographer shows how locations of his ideal pictures actually look from the side

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Now Instagram is full of perfect pictures, about which one has nothing to complain about. But few people know in which location these photos were taken. At first glance, it may seem that a professional studio or an incredibly beautiful landscape is behind the model, and this is not always the case.

Mexican photographer, known in Instagram under the nickname OMAHI, reveals the secret of his cool pictures. He publishes the final result and after it a photo made from the side in the process of work. It turns out that a cool portrait can be done in a public toilet or in a city flowerbed. Do not believe? We offer you a look at the work of this resourceful photographer.

1. “Rain of fire on one of the busiest streets of the city”

2. “Who said you can’t make a beautiful photo in a public toilet?”

3. “I love to catch people’s eyes”

4. “I found an abandoned factory where it smelled disgusting, but the photo was worth it”

5. “I was inspired by a picture I once saw on the Internet”

6. “I will be your light”

7. “To make this photo, I had to pack the camera in a plastic case”

8. “For this photo I set fire to the tube from the book pages”

9. “It was a tough job.”

10. “See you at the top”

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