‘The Novosibirsk Maldives’ has been closed to photographers and bloggers. The CHP plant put up round-the-clock security around the turquoise lake

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The world’s largest media outlets reported on the ‘blue water’ reservoir.

Photo @nohopezzz

The administration of CHPP-5 in Novosibirsk restricted access and strengthened the security around the artificial lake for waste disposal. It has become popular with bloggers due to its bright turquoise color. The Novosibirsk branch of the Siberian Generating Company reported more frequent cases of penetration into the production facility.

Now, an around-the-clock guard post was placed near the ash dump. Also, the reservoir was included in the police patrol routes. Along the perimeter of the lake, was installed a video surveillance system.

Director of CHP-5, Oleg Zykov, in a conversation with RIA Novosti, noted that the ash dump is a production site for a, particularly, dangerous facility.

You can’t swim, you can’t go in, you can’t drink it. Now, because of the fans of beautiful photos, the station staff has to work outside the normal mode.

Oleg Zykov
Director of CHPP-5

The Siberian Generating Company stated that the water and air above the ash dump are not toxic and do not carry a radiation hazard.

The ash dump of CHP-5 operates within the framework of the norms and rules of environmental legislation.

Statement of the Siberian Generating Company

After the photos of ‘Novosibirsk Maldives’ were spread in social networks, the news about them was reported by the major world media. Materials about the lake appeared in major publications like The New York Times, CNN, Zello, and BBC.

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