Norway is building the world’s largest underwater restaurant

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The “Under” restaurant, located in the southernmost point of Norway near the village of Bali, will open in spring 2019. It is still being completed, but the tables are booked for six months in advance. Well, who refuses to eat seafood with a view of them through a huge panoramic window?

The restaurant was designed by the architectural bureau Snøhetta. Externally, it is a 30-meter bunker, one end of which is immersed in water to a depth of 5 meters, and the other is on the shore.

largest underwater restaurant

Visitors to the restaurant will be able to observe the life of marine life through a 10-meter panoramic window.

largest underwater restaurant

Spectacular time-lapse video of the construction

For six months, the building was built on the deck of a barge. According to the designers and builders, it is able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

largest underwater restaurant

Then the finished bunker was towed to a point of permanent dislocation, lowered at one end into the water and attached to the foundation on the seabed.

largest underwater restaurant

According to the main architect, there were many difficulties associated with hydraulic pressure. But the main problem he names is waves.

The restaurant is designed for 80-100 guests. The menu will be mainly local seafood delicacies.

Video: the philosophy of the chef restaurant

Interestingly, the building of the underwater restaurant will also benefit science. During non-working hours, marine biologists will conduct their research here. In particular, scientists are going to study the reaction of fish to sound signals.

largest underwater restaurant


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