Nissan, together with EON, is developing a battery for electric vehicles that allows selling electricity back

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The system will be called V2G: vehicle-to-grid, and its goal is to reduce the load on the grid at peak time, and also to make short trips for owners of electric cars, in fact, free (charged–rolled on business–sold back electricity).

In the next decade in Europe, there is a real boom of electric vehicles: plans to reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere and to promote the use of electric cars were reported by all the leading countries of the Old World. In this regard, all the key car manufacturers are looking for new technologies, allowing to conquer a large market.

At the moment, the most promising direction is the technology of fast charging, which should allow owners of electric vehicles to “recharge” their cars on the road in just a few minutes at a gas station. However, these plans will inevitably entail an increased load on the network, especially during peak times, which can lead to network interruptions and even local blackouts.

Therefore, some manufacturers, namely Nissan, in partnership with the German company EON, are developing new batteries for electric vehicles with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, which allow, literally, to sell electricity back from the battery to the network, thus making small trips for its owner is free and reducing the load on the network at peak times, helping it cope with the increased demand.

However, this revolution is still far away: at the moment, the V2G works only on batteries with the Japanese standard for charging electric cars, known as CHAdeMO, and is available in Europe only at 4000 charging stations for Nissan cars. Direct competitor CHAdeMO – IONITY (supported by BWM, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler) do not plan to adapt their CGS (Combined Charding System) charging standard and their network of charging stations for electric vehicles to V2G:

Our customers want to quickly charge their car, and not to give out electricity from it.
Only in combination with an external storage system will this technology interest us.
IONITY representative

The media has already dubbed it “Plug Wars”.

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