A man was walking with dogs and noticed huge bird tracks in the river that had been hiding there for millions of years.

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Recently, New Zealand resident Michael Johnston walked with the dogs along the river bank and noticed unusual footprints on the bottom. According to the Otago Daily Times, he did not give much importance to this, but just in case he photographed the find.

Later, Michael showed these pictures to a local museum employee Kane Fleury, and he could not believe his eyes. It turned out that the man found the most ancient traces that had been hidden from human eyes for centuries.

New Zealander Michael Johnston led the dogs on a walk to the riverbed, in which he found unusual footprints

Under the water could be seen clear prints of bird paws measuring 30 by 30 cm.

A man photographed the find and showed pictures to employees of the local museum.

Kane Fleury immediately went to the site to see with his own eyes the rarest footprints

It turned out that the prints belonged to the extinct bird Moa, which 1500 years ago was destroyed the local aborigines

Read more about Moa bird on Wikipedia.

The birds of this species were three meters tall and, due to the lack of wings, could not fly, which made them a tasty and easy prey. They weighed about 250 kilograms and accordingly left impressive traces, which Michael Johnston discovered.

The man became a local celebrity, and large-scale excavations began on the river.

Workers are now pumping out water to extract fossilized prints and pass them on to the museum for storage.

Michael Johnston did not expect that an ordinary walk will result in a crucial discovery. He promised that from now on it would be even more careful to look around so as not to miss something important and interesting.

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