‘Mermaid’ tights– a new trend, the followers of which will soon be everywhere

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This is more than just stockings! This is–a masterpiece!

Knitwear designer Lirika Matoshi from New York has created own brand and is engaged in decorating stockings.

Amazingly beautiful floral patterns, butterflies, ladybugs from sequins, beads and sparkling rhinestones adorn socks and tights.

The Italian edition of Elle magazine called the designer’s creations “the spring tights” and “real works of art”.

The very same Lirika considers tights — a very feminine piece of clothing, …

… her long-time dream was to work in the field of fashion and emphasize the beauty of women.

In addition to the tights in the grid, Lirika is engaged in the decoration of tights of the usual weaving, socks, shoes, and accessories for hairstyles.

And on July 30, 2017, she presented her first collection of underwear.

Currently, Lirika Matoshi’s products can only be purchased via the Internet, but soon they plan to open their own store.

Finding her store in the vast network is not so difficult.

Socks with decor can be purchased for $32, and prices for tights range from $120 to $350.

Among the fans of creativity, Lirika Matoshi are Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

Photos of the owners of the cherished tights evoke images of mermaids caught in fishing nets, sprinkled with sea flowers and stones.

All works are made by hand, each of them is original, made in a single copy, …

… which makes these tights unique in their own way, and the skill of the designer is admirable.

Would you buy such tights?

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