Instagram of the Day: Los Angeles Geometry in George Byrne’s Photos

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Photographer George Byrne creates abstract cityscapes that look more like collages than real shots.

George Byrne is an Australian photographer living in Los Angeles. His fascination with abstract landscapes began several years ago when he moved to the USA. Initially, Byrne just walked with an iPhone in East Hollywood. He started an Instagram, where he began to share his pictures. In an effort to get large prints, Byrne switched to a full-frame digital camera and a medium format film camera.

George did not accidentally fall into the world of art. As a student at the University of Sydney, he studied art, history, philosophy, and anthropology, and then entered the Sydney College of Art, where he continued a more in-depth study of the history of art and photography. He does not hide the influence of creativity of Piet Mondrian, who, moving away from traditional painting, devoted his life to creating abstract geometric paintings. “Basically, I’m doing the same thing. I always think about painting when I photograph. Sometimes it seems to me that I am just a very lazy artist who has taken a camera in his hands. But at the same time in the photo I feel something unique, which cannot be achieved by painting,” says Byrne.

In addition, in his works one can see the influence of other photographers, in particular, representatives of the New Topography flow, as well as echoes of classic street photography, where the appearance of a person in the frame is not staged. “I really do not like it when a person notices a camera aimed at him. I want to shoot unnoticed, and I succeed only from a relatively long distance,” the photographer shares his experience.

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