The girl was desperate to look for new clothes and entrusted the choice to her boyfriend. The result exceeded expectations

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Probably, every girl faced a problem: the wardrobe is full, but there is nothing to wear, but I want to buy something new, and I don’t like anything in stores. Familiar? The girl named Joanna Lovell found a solution to this problem.

When she complained to Jack, her boyfriend, that she did not find clothes that she liked in the online store, he offered to take a laptop and make a choice without her participation. And Joanna went on this experiment.

The girl was desperate to choose clothes, and her boyfriend offered to do it for her.

Joanna says that to begin with, he had to guess with the size, because in different stores she suits different, plus she is tall, so her pants and sleeves are short sometimes. A couple together for a little over a year, and the girl thought that he didn’t know all her proportions well enough. She herself spends ages trying to find clothes, but Jack managed in 10 minutes. He chose 8 outfits, the price of which ranged from 4 to 42 pounds sterling, which Joanna herself would hardly have ordered. The clothes were delivered the next day, and the girl could not wait to try on everything.

1. The green one — kept!

From the picture Joanna thought that the style and color of the dress did not suit her. She believed that the flying dresses made her full, moreover, she never wore a green color. The dress cost 35 pounds. The girl put it on the trip and at the airport an unfamiliar woman praised it. Previously, she did not receive any compliments about clothes, and Jack was pleased.

2. Tight dress — kept!

Joanna would not even pay attention to it. Yes, it looks like many of her dresses, but it would not attract her, because there is a lot of white and yellow in it. She could not decide for a long time whether to leave it or not, but in the end, she decided that it looked beautiful. Price — 40 pounds (about $50).

3. The jumpsuit — kept!

Joanna really liked how others look like jumpsuits, so she was glad to find it among the purchases. She would never choose this shade of green, but she liked it and everything was great in length. She also liked the lace on the back. Overalls cost 42 GBP (about $53).

4. The stripy one — sent back!

This dress Joanna did not approve: the material is too thin, shows everything that I want to hide, quickly begins to stick and magnetize. It did not look as bad as she thought and opened her eyes to new styles in clothing. Price — 14 pounds (about $18).

5. The ra-ra skirt one — kept!

6. The gold one — sent back!

7. The yellow one — sent back!

7. The tiger-print one — kept!

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