This grandma whole life struggled with excess weight until she bought a smartphone. It’s never too late to be a beauty!

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If you think it’s too late to change your life and you can be content with what you have, even if you don’t really like it, then the story of 73-year-old Joan MacDonald from Ontario (Canada) will turn your ideas 180 degrees.

This granny was not only able to master the iPhone at her age, but also with its help lose weight by about 25 kilograms! Now she leads Instagram, which is followed by more than 85 thousand subscribers, and her happy smile illuminates everything around.

1. Joan MacDonald from Canada has been fighting overweight all her life

Joan at the age of 18 and 20

The woman had health problems and was forced to take many medications. She had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, progressive arthritis, acid reflux. Due to knee surgery, Joan could barely climb the stairs. Her daughter Michelle, seeing the state of her mother, invited her to join her training program.

Joan and her daughter Michelle

There was only one problem: to get information about the program, the Internet was needed. Therefore, Joan had to buy an iPhone in order to use all the applications for nutrition planning and training. And this was a separate test: the daughter and son-in-law patiently trained the woman to use a smartphone. She admits that sometimes in tears she wanted to drop everything, but she was damn stubborn, so she brought the matter to an end.

Already after a year of working on the body, the results were amazing

Joan had to learn how to use a smartphone

The woman began training in January 2017. She visited the gym 4-5 times a week and changed her diet. The exercise program changed every 4 weeks. The daughter helped make a nutrition plan. The emphasis is on proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Now, instead of toast with jam, sandwiches, coffee, sweets and fruit salads, she has egg whites, cheese, meat with vegetables, protein, coconut milk, and smoothies.

Almost 90 kg before and about 64.5 after

From size 56 to size 50

Daughter created for Joan an account on Instagram, where she shares her experience.

Joan receives compliments from men and just glows with happiness

The husband certainly noticed the changes, the whole family is proud of her.

Health has also improved, no medicine needed

Joan Macdonald today!

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