Brazilian President associates Amazonian fires with Leonardo DiCaprio but provides no evidence

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According to him, the actor donates money to non-profit organizations that specifically set fire to the forest for the sake of profit.

Amazon forest fires / Photo AFP

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Leonardo DiCaprio is sponsoring organizations partially responsible for the fires in the Amazon. According to him, activists set fire to forests, take pictures of them, and then send them to the actor and receive money to fight the elements. This was reported by the Associated Press, citing a statement by Bolsonaro.

According to the AP, the president’s attacks on DiCaprio have become part of a government campaign against environmental nonprofits in Brazil. At the end of November, police raided the headquarters of two NGOs and arrested four volunteer firefighters. They were accused of deliberately setting fire to the forest for the sake of receiving rewards for extinguishing it from benefactors.

The President of Brazil did not provide any evidence of DiCaprio’s connection with the fires in the Amazon. In a conversation with AP, the actor said that he did not sponsor either of the two funds mentioned in the investigation of the Brazilian authorities. DiCaprio’s organization transferred a total of more than $5 million to help protect the Amazonian forests in July and August.

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