The Briton wanted to lose some weight but overdid it. Now he is in love with sports, and his friends do not recognize him

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Briton Jacob Jones from the city of Biddalf decided that he needed to lose a couple of kilograms and did everything to achieve his goal — he started going to the gym and began to monitor nutrition. Only he was so involved in the process of losing weight that he threw off much more than he planned, and now he enjoys doing powerlifting.

Not only the guy himself was surprised at his transformation, but also his acquaintances and friends, who now sometimes do not even recognize their comrade.

Briton Jacob Jones decided to lose a couple of pounds, but overdid

When Jacob’s weight reached 152 kilograms, he decided to reduce it — the guy decided that 6 kilograms would be enough:

I started with a lot of exercise and calorie counting. I was looking for the best way to lose weight, and, apparently, it turned out to be a calorie deficit — you need to consume fewer calories than you need.

To lose weight, Jacob went to the gym 4 times a week.

And if at first, he had to literally drag himself to the gym, then gradually he got involved and began to excercise six out of seven days.

In addition, the guy almost completely gave up alcohol

According to Jacob, due to the fact that his friends often went to drink, he also had to do this:

Now I rarely drink. I’d rather not drink at all, because liquid calories in alcohol are not what I need.

Thanks to calorie control, Jacob could afford some goodies.

The efforts of the guy were not in vain, and he lost much more weight than planned

In fact, I did not think that I needed to lose weight so much, but I was tired of being big, so one day I woke up and enrolled in the gym — and for 9 months I lost 66 kilograms.

66 kilograms have changed Jacob so much that friends no longer recognize him

Now Jacob is swinging and doing powerlifting

His example also inspired relatives:

My mother, Lucy, is very happy for me, and Jacob’s sister also began to lose weight and lost 38 kilograms.

The case of Jacob is precisely the one when he “overdid it” — this is good and even very!

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