The British channel posted an archive recording of an ‘interview with Banksy’. In social networks believe that he looks like the lead singer of Massive Attack

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The video was in the archive because they forgot about it. A reporter found it 16 years later when he was looking for a video about the artist.

The man, who was considered to be Banksy, and the lead singer of Massive Attack

British television channel ITV News posted a clip about an archived record called Interview with Banksy, which I found in the archive. The video shows a man hiding his face under a cap and a T-shirt. The video was broadcast on ITV London and was not remembered about it until it was found by reporter Robert Murphy, who collected information about the artist.

The report was recorded before the first major exhibition of Banksy Turf War in July 2003. For it, the artist painted on living animals with paint — road signs on cows and blue squares from police cars on pigs. In a two-minute video for ITV News, correspondent Haig Gordon talks to a man who only has his eyes and forehead visible. “I’m wearing a mask because you can’t paint graffiti in public. These things are incompatible,” he notes.

Interview with a man in a mask lasts 35 seconds. “It’s hard to make an interesting picture, but at least someone is hanging around, licking his nose and urinating right in front of you. This makes the picture much more interesting,” says the artist about the exhibition. To Gordon’s question: “Do you mind if I give this information to the police?” He replied: “No. What information do you have?”

The recording also shows how the artist paints a black insect on a wall and draws a graffiti with a child that makes up the phrase “Kill More” from the cubes with letters. ITV News believe that the authorship of both works belongs to Banksy.

Shot from the video ‘interview with Banksy’

Robert Murphy, who has found the recording of the interview, also believes that it is impossible to establish whether this is really Banksy. He thinks that the artist appeared in the video, “claiming the role of Banksy, who paints at the official Banksy exhibition.”

Reporter Haig Gordon said that he had seen the face of the interviewee, but could not remember how he looked. The journalist noted that in conversation with him the artist was “relaxed, kind and attentive.” Gordon admitted that he could not say with certainty that he spoke with Banksy.

The publisher of several books on Banksy, Richard Jones, described the video as “really unusual” and “very, very rare.” Representatives of the artist declined to comment, noting that they “always come to this.”

In social networks, they immediately recalled the popular theory that Banksy is the lead singer of Massive Attack, Robert Del Naja. In 2016, the Time edition found out that the works of a street artist appear in the places of performances of the group. For example, after a concert in Kiev, they found graffiti in his style. In addition, in the 1980s, the musician was engaged in street art, and in 2017, British DJ Goldie and friend of Del Naja in an interview accidentally called Banksy Robert.

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