Overwatch team was forced out of training house because of neighbors

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Overwatch League member The Houston Outlaws team was forced to leave their training home due to dissatisfaction from neighbors.

The American team moved to a luxurious mansion of 5,900 square meters, which is located in The Woodlands — a town located 45 kilometers from Houston, to prepare for a performance in the new season of Overwatch League. But even before the start of training, the players were forced to leave the house due to complaints and provocations of their neighbors.

The Woodlands is a quiet place located in a forested area. There are luxury homes there, some of which cost more than $1.5 million. When the neighbors found out that the house was rented by an esports team consisting of 18-20 people, they wrote several complaints to the district administration and sent TV men to the main door of the house to annoy and interfere with the players in every possible way.

The team manager did not become angry with the neighbors, and only joked:

I think they all made it up. We did not even have time to use the house for training. We were kicked out before we moved into it.

Problems arose, presumably due to the fact that the neighbors were afraid of noise and screams. It is a quiet place, and people are used to living here in calm and silence.

It feels like the Houston Outlaws are cursed. In October 2019, T-shirts in which they play in the Overwatch League were banned in one of the Kansas schools. The fact is that the form depicts two revolvers — according to the leadership of the school, this “promotes violence.” Now they were not allowed to train in their own rented house. What will happen to them next time is even scary to imagine.

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