The Japanese turned beer-belly into a ‘six-pack’ in 5 months without going to the gym. Now he is a walking motivation!

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Many of us dream to lose weight, start playing sports, go to the gym on Monday, but a day or two passes, and now our determination is melting before our eyes, and everything is back to square one.

The Japanese with the nickname hiiragisensei on Twitter also fooled herself for two years, saying that she would lose weight and break down in a few days. But in March 2019, he pulled himself together and for 5 months gave such a result that he did not even dream of. And this is even without going to the gym! Proper nutrition and several minutes of training a day replaced the chubby belly with a bumpy press.

Japanese built his body for 5 months. This is how he looked like the beginning of the path

On March 3, he weighed 69.9 kg. Since then, he regularly trained and monitored nutrition. And the result is simply amazing!


What’s the secret? Everything is simple. For starters, nutrition: he drank at least 2 liters of water per day, reduced the number of calories consumed, now his norm is 1000-1500 kcal per day.

The first secret: proper nutrition

Japanese ate twice a day from 12.00 to 20.00, he ruled out sweets, soda, desserts and harmful, in his diet a lot of vegetables. Judging by his Twitter, he also uses vitamins and healthy supplements.

The second secret: training

The Japanese did not go to the gym and showed that a cool result can be achieved by training at home. In the thread about his transformation, he wrote that he is training according to the Tabata system (intensive training for 20 seconds, 10 rest, and so on for about 8 cycles, that is 4 minutes), until he gets tired.

One of his favorite exercises is burpee.

On his YouTube channel, he uploads a video showing effective exercises for home.

So, a slender figure and a relief press are not beyond fiction. The main thing is to set a goal and not retreat from it!

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