Half-Life: Alyx is due on time. Mark March 23 on the calendar

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It seems that Valve is racing ahead to the finals of the development of a new part of Half-Life and no problems are expected. This is evidenced by a confident tweet of the company.

Valve announced that pre-order bonuses for the Valve Index VR kit will begin to be distributed on March 2. The company also released several screenshots of the game Half-Life: Alyx.

About Half-Life: Alyx we already know a lot. First of all, this is a VR shooter with Alyx Vance in the title role. The game will be the prequel to Half-Life 2, where this character first appears. In the game, of course, there will be many old heroes of the franchise, as well as familiar opponents and monsters.

The total duration of the game is about 15 hours.

Valve pays great attention to interactivity. For example, a headcrab can be covered with a bucket if picked up. Then it will move the bucket from the inside. And with a weapon, you can control with one hand, or with two — if you need to take a good aim.

The company developed the game in strictest confidence. One of the developers admitted that for four years he could not tell his son what he was doing at work.

However, several people have already played a novelty before the release. Bloggers managed to test the game in eight different helmets and came to the conclusion that the Valve Index is the best choice for the game. The head of the Xbox managed to play HL: Alyx and was very impressed with the quality of the game. And the journalist and founder of The Game Awards Jeff Keely went through the game completely and even shot a documentary about it. Keely is also thrilled.

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