16-year-old eco-activist Greta Thunberg causes a polar reaction of social networks. Some respect her, others accuse her of hypocrisy

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After an emotional speech at the UN, a wave of criticism fell on the girl — for her age, mental state, and leftist propaganda.

Greta Thunberg at the UN summit / Photo AP

Greta Thunberg, who is called one of the most influential adolescents in the world, spoke at the UN General Assembly on climate issues. However, a wave of hatred fell on her in social networks — the activist is not taken seriously and criticized for her age, facial expressions and views.

In 2018, a Swedish schoolgirl went on strike and stopped going to school on Fridays. She demanded that politicians implement the Paris climate agreement. Soon, teens from around the world joined the action “Friday for the Future.” Swedish politicians nominated Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize, and in August 2019 she crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a yacht to get to New York and speak at the UN summit.

On September 23, Thunberg accused world leaders of letting down the next generation. She emphasized that the existence of global warming was proved 30 years ago, but the General Assembly has not yet taken serious measures.

After the speech, Thunberg, along with 15 teenagers from 12 countries, filed a complaint with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, accusing Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey of violating human rights. They believe that these states have not done enough to combat climate change and thus have violated the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The teenagers asked the committee experts to recognize that climate change directly affects children’s rights, as well as oblige these countries to take the necessary measures.

After the summit, a gif in which the Thunberg menacingly looks at Donald Trump passing by has gained popularity in social networks. The president was at the meeting for only 15 minutes. Soon, the shot turned into a meme.

Donald Trump, who denies climate change and global warming, quickly reacted to the girl’s performance. He called Thunberg “a happy young girl” who is striving for a “bright and wonderful future.”

In the responses, they suspected that the president thus mocked the activist, who cried, talking about the mass extinction.


However, many agree with Trump and criticize the activist. Thunberg is accused of propagating “radical” views on the environmental situation and is called a “political pawn.” Some consider her a victim of child abuse. Similar arguments come down to the fact that adults use it to achieve their own goals, and she herself does not understand anything.

Another criticism of Thunberg critics is the age of the activist. Users do not believe the 16-year-old girl and believe that she should not teach senior adults.

Thunberg lives with Asperger Syndrome — a violation of mental development, leading to difficulties in social interaction. However, the girl herself does not consider her diagnosis a problem: “Sometimes I deviate a little from the norm. But under the right circumstances, to be different means to have superpowers. ” Due to the diagnosis, some in social networks call her “crazy.”

Sometimes the arguments of critics go to extremes. For example, the conservative political commentator Dinesh D’Souza compared the image of an activist with Nazi propaganda of the 1930s.

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