On GoFundMe people raised $200 thousand for the owner of a bar in the Bahamas, affected by the ‘worst festival in history’ Fyre

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She fed the staff and visitors of the festival and spent about 50 thousand dollars in savings, but the organizers did not pay her.

Maryann Rolle / Screenshot from Netflix movie about the festival

On January 18, Netflix hosted the premiere of the documentary film “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened” dedicated to the failed festival of the same name in the Bahamas.

Thanks to the Netflix film, viewers learned about Maryann Rolle, the owner of the bar who worked non-stop and treated all the staff and visitors of the festival. As a result, the organizers did not pay her, she lost about $50 thousand of her own money and was in fact ruined.

As follows from the film, the Rolle’s bar was located next to the festival territory. Since the site was not ready for the beginning, the participants were taken by bus to her establishment, and the owner learned about the first large flow of visitors only half an hour before their arrival.

10 people worked directly with me, they cooked food day and night, 24 hours a day. I had to pay all these people, because I live here and see them every day. I spent about $50 thousand of my savings, which collected for a rainy day. And these people just hit the road, not looking around.
I do not like to talk about the festival. Take it all, and I’ll start over. They caused me a lot of pain. No one came back and said: “Let us compensate for the expenses, because she did the right thing.”
Mariann roll
bar owner

People on social networks supported Rolle:

Users of social networks are not limited to verbal support and began to donate money to the GoFundMe page. Over the course of a few days, they contributed over $200 thousand.

The Fyre festival was conceived as an elite party with tickets ranging from $500 to $12 thousand, but on-site guests found tents, composting toilets and food from containers. The festival was advertised mainly through Instagram and with the help of popular bloggers, including well-known models. Its organizer, Billy Macfarland, was sentenced to six years in prison and a large fine for fraud and investor fraud.

In mid-January, the online cinema Hulu unexpectedly released its own documentary about the Fyre Festival, a few days before the announced premiere of Netflix. American publications have called it the “war” of online cinemas.

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