Gigi Hadid apologized for being ‘too dark’ on the cover of Vogue

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In 2015, the cooperation between the magazine and the model ended in a similar scandal: then Hadid appeared on the cover of the publication in the form of an African American.

The American model Gigi Hadid apologized to fans for what appeared on the new cover of the Italian Vogue with a too dark shade of skin. Cover of the edition was published several days ago and immediately became the object of criticism: many Internet users saw in it the resurrection of blackface — a variation of the popular in the XIX and XX centuries of theatrical makeup, which was used for caricature images of blacks. “Why are you trying to mow for another race?” — appealed one of the users to Hadid.

Gigi Hadid apologized for being 'too dark' on the cover of Vogue

As a result, the model published a statement, in which she asked forgiveness from everyone who found the cover of the magazine offensive. Hadid explained that the use of the bronzer, which made her skin a few shades darker, was the idea of ​​the magazine’s representatives.

“Understand, I do not control the shooting process — just like everything that happens with the photos after I leave the site. I understand that the intentions of the authors of the photo session were not implemented correctly. Know that if I could control the situation, everything would be different, – wrote Hadid. “Whatever it was, I want to apologize.” I hope for other publications this incident will be a good lesson for the future.”

This is not the first time that the cooperation between Hadid and Vogue Italia turns into a scandal. In 2015, the magazine published pictures, where the model is depicted as an African American. Then many also criticized Hadid and Vogue for using blackface.

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