Five-year-old child broke the statue worth $132,000: money is demanded from parents

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The boy’s mother does not intend to pay such a sum and called the demands outrageous.

A five-year-old boy broke a statue that was exhibited at the Public Center in Overland Park, Kansas. On the recordings from the surveillance cameras, you can see how two children were playing next to the sculpture, until one of them started climbing it. The statue has overturned and now is not subject to restoration, writes ABC News.

A few days after the incident, the boy’s parents received a letter from the insurance company demanding payment of $132 thousand as compensation. “Watching a minor child is your direct responsibility,” the insurers said in a statement. “Your refusal of control can be considered negligence.”

According to the mother of the boy Sarah Goodman, she is outraged by such demands. The fact that there are so many expensive works exhibited in a room where children are often playing is not her fault, the woman says: if the sculpture is really so valuable, the organizers of the exhibition should better take care of its safety.

Sarah Goodman refuses to pay compensation. The city authorities, who hosted the exhibition, expressed their hope that the insurance company and Goodman would still agree on the repayment of the required amount.

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