For the cover of the Mexican Vogue starred a representative of the third sex — muxe

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For the first time in the magazine’s 120-year history, an Indian and a muxe are depicted on its cover.

On the cover of Vogue Magazine in Mexico for the first time, a transgender muxe — 37-year-old Estrella Vazquez. The photograph of Estrella in bright traditional clothes and with a pink fan in hands was taken by British photographer Tim Walker.

Muxe, like hijra in India, do not consider themselves to be either men or women. Most often they perform women’s work, for example, caring for the sick. It’s incorrect to call muxe transgenders because they do not change sex but always remain a culturally isolated group. It is believed that they do not face such hostility as homosexuals and transgender people in other parts of Mexico.

Until August 2019, Estrella did not know about the existence of Vogue. “I think this is a big step. Discrimination still exists, but it is not as strong as before,” she says about the status of muxe in Mexico. In addition to Estrella, ten other muxe took part in the shooting.

In 2017, Brazilian Valentina Sampaio became the first open transgender woman to appear on the cover of French Vogue, and in 2018 — on the cover of Brazilian Vogue.

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