In the USA, the professor asked Chinese students to speak English. For this, she was deprived of her position

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Several students launched a petition asking them to verify her statements, while others, on the contrary, stood up.

Photos of students of the course of biostatistics

Duke University professor in North Carolina Megan Neely was deprived of the post of head of the master’s program after she sent an e-mail in which she asked students not to speak Chinese in study areas.

According to Neely, two colleagues who teach in the magistracy of the faculty of biostatistics complained to her about students from China who spoke very loudly in their native language. According to her, these teachers were disappointed that young people do not use the existing opportunity to improve their English, and besides, they are so impolite that they speak a language that the rest of the audience does not understand.

In her letter, she noted that the reluctance to speak English “may have unintended consequences” for the students themselves, and urged “to use only English while you are in the building of the faculty or in any other professional environment.”

Screenshots of her letter hit the web and began to spread virally on Twitter and in the Chinese segment of the Internet, many commentators reproached Neely with racism and suggested that university teachers discriminate against foreign students. A group of students launched a petition to check Neely’s statements.

However, among high school students representing ethnic minorities, there were also those who stood up for the teacher and rejected all sorts of suspicions about her.

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