I realized late that I don’t need to react to everything that bothers me

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Priceless life lessons.

I gradually understand that I do not need to offend those who offended me. I gradually understand that the main sign of maturity is the ability to leave, and not the desire to get even.

I gradually understand: it takes so much strength to react to every turmoil in life that then you don’t have the strength to see all the good. I gradually realize that I will never be able to please everyone, that I will never make everyone treat me the way I would like, and that this is normal.

I gradually understand that the desire to charm everyone is a meaningless waste of time and energy, from which then there is only a void inside.

I gradually understand that not responding does not mean putting up — it means being above small squabbles. I prefer to take a lesson from this and learn it. I prefer to be wiser.

I choose peace because I need it. I don’t need extra dramas. I do not want others to inspire me with a feeling of inadequacy.

I do not need disputes, quarrels, and fake relationships. I gradually understand that to say nothing is to say everything.

I gradually realize that responding to stimuli means giving other people power over their emotions. It is impossible to control other people’s actions, but you can control your reaction, your attitude, your perception and how close you take it to your heart.

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